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Private lessons

For 20 years Dawn has taught students of all skill levels, from beginner to professional. Whether you're preparing for a college audition or you're just getting started, Dawn's private lessons will give you the skills to succeed. You and Dawn will work together to set goals, choosing the repertoire, scales, and technical exercises that are right for you. Play the music you love and develop the skills to excel at violin for a lifetime.

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Lessons: Welcome
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Dawn's teaching philosophy

With the right guidance and encouragement, anyone can learn a new skill. You may not ever be perfect, but you can always improve.

Dawn teaches through a process of leading questions, positive reinforcement, and a demand for excellence. She wants you to be the best violinist you can be—listen to your body, work hard, and have fun.

You can learn how to teach yourself, too. One of the most valuable lessons Dawn's teachers have taught her is how to teach herself, and she hopes to pass that on to each of her students.

Lessons: Welcome

Personalized to meet your goals

Private violin lessons include:

• 1:1 interaction with an expert teacher

• Personalized lessons crafted to your learning needs

• In-person or online

Connect with Dawn to talk about your goals and schedule!

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Lessons: Welcome
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