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Practice Coaching

Think of practice coaching like having a personal trainer, but for your instrument. Dawn's one-on-one coaching provides structure and accountability to your practice time so you can maximize your potential each day and discover the joy of practicing your instrument. Dawn spent years perfecting her practice techniques, and she’s excited to share those tips as your personal practice coach.

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Coaching for all instruments

No matter what instrument you play, Dawn's practice coaching equips you with the right habits to practice your best and have fun playing music each day.

Practice Coaching: Welcome

How it works

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Personalized Support

Dawn coaches you or your child one-on-one to provide a personalized experience. During a practice coaching session, you and Dawn go through your assignments together. While working through your tasks, Dawn suggests new practice techniques and ways to improve your time management skills so you can practice smarter, not harder.

Parents, you are welcome to be in the room or nearby, but your presence is not required.

Motivation & Accountability

Are you struggling to learn a new piece, prepare for a big audition, or just having a hard time getting your instrument out? With Dawn as your coach, you’ll have a professional musician with you every step of the way offering hands-on support and accountability. Dawn will help you develop a plan for success, and she’ll be there cheering you on through each milestone.

Flexible schedule

You determine the number of practice coaching sessions, and you can check in with Dawn as often as needed to make sure you're meeting each benchmark toward your goal.

Virtual lessons

You and Dawn meet remotely on an online video chat, so practice coaching sessions can take place from the comfort of your own home.

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Send Dawn a video of one of your practice sessions and she will provide analysis and suggestions for ways to improve.

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