Practice Coaching- All Instruments

  Practice Your Best

Through my experience I have seen students who practice with their parents everyday day seem to improve faster than students who are left on their own.  In my own development I have spent years perfecting my own practice techniques to achieve the same effect.  I would like to work with each musician at their level every day to maximize their practice time in between lessons.

Practice Coaching:

‐provides structure, accountability, and encouragement 

‐meets online at convenient times

‐improves time management skills

‐forms efficient practice habits 

What is practice coaching? 

At a predetermined time I will meet the student on one of the many available video chat platforms. If there are notes from their regular teacher I ask for a picture or a scan ahead of time. I listen as they go through their tasks and walk them through their assignments. During this time I insert my own practice techniques and time management skills. 

Parents are welcome to be in the room or nearby but their presence is not required. 


Other services
Practice Consultation
Send me a video of one of your practice sessions and I will provide analysis and suggestions. 

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